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UkrPoshta - state postal operator of Ukraine, which is a member of the universal postal Union since 1947. It is administered by the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine. Post of Ukraine has 11 811 post offices throughout the country.


Parcel (Ukraine, international)

Easy tracking and search for mailings and orders from popular online stores - Rozetka, Citrus, Allo, Eldorado, etc. In the search form above, enter the track code received from the seller and click on the "Track"button.

Map of Ukraine, UKRPOSHTA Service
Map of Ukraine, UKRPOSHTA Service

If the widget can not locate the parcel read the article " how to track your parcels in Ukraine"

Since June 2018 Ukrposhta launched chatbots in Viber, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, for users Personal account and API for e-commerce.


Letter (registered, with notification)

The Registered mail - the letter, handed to the addressee against receipt, in this case, the sender is given a receipt. When sending, each registered letter is assigned an identification number by which it can be traced.

The envelope of the letter, fill pattern
The envelope of the letter, fill pattern

This article describes in detail, about sending, tracking and what to do if you receive a registered letter and who can receive it.

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Сargo (Ukraine, international)

Track the movement of goods in real time. service №1 in Ukraine, enter in the window "# tracking Number" barcode ID, more information about the service is written here

The following topics are disclosed:

  • What is different about a certified letter from the simple?
  • Registered mail and other correspondence
  • Registered or priority mail to choose?
The form of search of goods on the website
The form of search of goods on the website

Important! Post of Ukraine from January 1, 2019 canceled the surcharge of 12 hryvnia for delivery to the village in the tariff "Express". Learn more about rates and services.


Money transfer

You can transfer funds online from a Bank card or in any branch of the Ukrainian post. The transfer is paid at the branch or delivered to the home address of the recipient.

You can transfer any amount. Transfers are accepted in the national currency. Track money transfer by hotline.

Transfers of internal postal orders based on the documents for the transfer determined by the payment system:

  • from individuals to individuals;
  • from individuals to legal entities account;
  • from legal entities to individuals

Goods from China (Aliexpress, Taobao)

The movement of the order is tracked in China and Ukraine. In China, to track its movement allow special services on the website of the seller. On Joom and AliExpress is done in your account.

UKRPOSHTA service special resource allows you to track parcels from popular online stores in China.

China warehouse, shipping
China warehouse, shipping

The cost of goods on AliExpress is much lower, since the vast majority of the range is produced in China.

Aliexpress office
Aliexpress office

Mail (Ukraine, Europe)

Parcels are delivered fast enough, in Ukraine 2-7 days, Europe 14-25 days. When you register a mail item, you are given a tracking number, which you can use to track when it was sent, the stages of the movement and the date of receipt at the post office.

The service allows you to control the receipt of the shipment and is particularly useful in resolving disputes with the seller in case of discrepancies.



You can track the parcel as follows: in the receipt of payment for sending a special postal identifier is assigned a registration number consisting of fourteen digits, if the shipment is within the country.

Often, to track the parcel within the country is much easier, as the track number was assigned inside it and all the data is available.

The post Ukraine -> USA
The post Ukraine -> USA

Question and answer

By the name of the recipient / sender is it possible to track the parcel?

No. The service rules do not provide this function. Money transfers, parcel, cargo are tracked only by the number of TTN.

The sender did not give me the invoice, can I ask the phone number where the goods?

No. You can get and track only on the waybill. Upon arrival of the transfer to the Department, the person will be notified by text SMS message. There will be specified the necessary information.

Tell me, can I track the parcel without a TTN number?

Yes, to do this, call the hotline - 0 800 300 545. Be ready to provide the phone number of the sender and recipient.

How frequently is it updated in delivery?

The service is updated 1 time per day. Study search for branch by index.

I want to check the list where my cargo is, is it possible?

Yeah, maybe. To use this function, enter several track numbers in the field, separating them with a space (but no more than 5).

Keep track of items list: 2 simple rules
Keep track of items list: 2 simple rules
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