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One of the convenient methods of calculating the cost of the parcel is universal postal calculator. The advantage of the calculation on our website is that unlike the website UkrPoshta, which calculates the departure only from Kiev, we correctly consider the departure from anywhere in Ukraine.

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Fare calculation


Delivery in Ukraine

Suppose you need to send a priority parcel, weighing 2 kg 200 g, from Kiev to Smela, Cherkasy region. Choose a fence/delivery, cash on delivery and estimate 2 thousand hryvnia.


For bidirectional: 76 грн.
Recommended: 0 грн.
Courier delivery: 25 грн.
For declared value: 10 грн.
VAT: 22.2 грн.
Total amount: 133.2 грн.

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Delivery to Russia

Now send a parcel weighing 4 kg 560 g, from Kiev to Russia, Arkhangelsk region, Posad. Choose a fence with cash on delivery and estimated at 7 thousand hryvnias.


For bidirectional: 607.53 грн.
Bulky: 0 грн.
Fragile: 0 грн.
For declared value: 90.63 грн.
Courier delivery: 0 грн.
VAT: 139.63 грн.
Total amount: 837.8 грн.

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International delivery

For example, consider sending parcels from Ukraine to Italy. In the form of a calculator indicate the weight: 5 kg; method of transportation: ground; method of delivery: fence, type of departure: an individual.


For bidirectional: 778.88 грн.
Bulky: 0 грн.
Fragile: 0 грн.
Courier delivery: 12.5 грн.
VAT: 158.28 грн.
Total amount: 949.66 грн.

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